Nominate an Essential Services Worker to win a $500 portrait package from Vibe

They've been working so hard for so long now. Vibe is accepting nominations for your favorite Essential Services Worker* to win a Vibe Family Portrait Package ($500 Value). Winning family will be photographed after the Stay Home order is lifted.

One thing I think we have all learned from this pandemic experience is that we ought to pull our families closer...even if the kids are driving us crazy during forced home school :-D 

So I do hope many people nominate many people....let's show our support for those who are making the sacrifice as we endure through this tough time.

Nominate an Essential Services Worker

Thank you for showing your appreciation for your Essential Worker friend by nominating them to win a Vibe Portrait Package valued at $500!

-->Nominees will be vetted against the list published by the State of Vermont. A copy of their info has been pasted below.

-->Winner will be selected when the Stay-At-Home order has been lifted.

-->Winner will be notified via email.

Don't Quit - Do It!

Here we are, part way through the Coronavirus of 2020. We're told that he end is in sight. We desperately want it to be true. But we must keep at it with the social distancing and all the other necessary measures.

Share the encouragement with the message, "Don't Quit - Do It!"

If you're able, please also make a donation to Rutland Regional Medical Center's Covid-19 Response Fund. Your donations will serve both the community and the staff of a front line Essential Service!

Right click the image at left to download.

Once you've donated and downloaded, please do swing by the website of the amazing Colleen Wilcox, who designed my Don't Quit - Do It idea. She's a genius with word art!!

Reese's Rainbows

From Chris:

While walking in my neighborhood in early April, I saw many houses in a row with simple rainbows taped to the front doors. I commented on it to my wife, who said she’d heard there was a little girl nearby who, during the coronavirus stay-at-home order, wanted to brighten her neighbors’ lives with a rainbow. I stopped and looked around. Every house in sight had a rainbow taped to the front door. I admit I welled up a little. The time and effort it took to bless a neighbor! So simple. So child-like and sweet. 

A week later, I saw in the Rutland Herald that the anonymous girl was none other than Reese, the daughter of my customers Summer and Mark Stoutes. I contacted them and asked if they would like to try to make her rainbows more broadly available. And they got all excited.

And they said a hearty, "yes!"

And the idea of raising funds for RRMC's Covid-19 response came up.

And Reese’s Rainbows was formed.

When asked by the Herald reporter why she was doing this, she said she “wanted to spread happiness.” And she added, “Everybody was sad 'cause they didn't get to see their friends and I just thought making rainbows would make everyone better.”

I just love this kid's spirit. So as a local small business owner, I'm happy to help Reese and her family raise funds for Rutland Regional Medical Center during this pandemic.

So here's what we're doing:

For a donation of any amount (or none at all if you need...), you can  download and print on your own printer and show HOPE by proudly hanging it on your own front door.

→ Also available for your social media profile is a square or circle shaped logo for both your desktop and your cellphone!

Want to go bigger? Download Reese's Rainbow for your Facebook cover photo for your desktop computer and/or phone.

**We understand that many Vermonters are experiencing financial distress right now, so downloads are free if you need them to be.

HOWEVER...if you can afford to, we do ask that you donate generously to RRMC's Covid-19 response.

Click here to donate at

Scroll down for the Downloads

I sincerely hope you’ll catch the spirit of what Reese is trying to do: let’s spread HOPE as we endure this pandemic together and support the "quintessential" Essential Service, RRMC, in the process!

Hope Vermont_8 5x11

Reese's Rainbows - Rectangle 8.5x11

Perfect for printing on your own 8.5x11 copier paper.

Post on your front door along with your Christmas lights and stars. #helpvermontlightuptheworld

Right Click the image to download.

Hope Vermont Square

Reese's Rainbows - Square - 8x8

Replace your social media profile picture with a Reese's Rainbow and encourage your friends and others around the world with a message of HOPE!

Right Click the image to download.

Hope Vermont Circle

Reese's Rainbows - Circle 8x8

Facebook's profile picture is a circle - spread love, light and HOPE with Reese's Rainbow.

Right Click the image to download.

Facebook Cover - Desktop

Facebook Cover Photo - Desktop

Make Reese's Rainbow your Facebook Cover Photo! This one is for your the one below for your phone. And who says your can't have both!

Right Click the image to download.

Facebook Cover - phone

Facebook Cover Photo - Cellphone

Make Reese's Rainbow your Facebook Cover photo! This one is for your the one above for your desktop. OR...choose both!

Right Click the image to download.

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